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How To Choose Organic


Key point of quality Organic

  • The Uniqueness Of Functional Organic Food
    Unlike normal organic food, functional organic crops are grown at the most suitable environment, climate, soil, etc. to ensure they are far away from contamination in order to maintain higher nutrient contents.
  • 5-Star Zero-Pollution
    Foods are graded from 1-Star to 5-Stars. Crops that are produced after the 3-year fallow period, with no source of pollution within 30km from the farm, non-usage of herbicides and agricultural chemicals, are awarded and evaluated as 5-Star Zero Pollution Organic Food.
  • Organic Farm, Manufacturing Plant and Production License
    Best quality functional organic foods are manufactured, processed and packed by a registered manufacturing plant in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Federal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations for food.
  • Avoidance of Contamination
    Every stage of production, including harvesting, processing and packaging are strictly controlled to avoid contamination of chemicals such as colouring, preservatives and anti-depressants. Usage of artificial fertilizers and pesticides or injection with stimulants or addictives to accelerate growth is strictly prohibited.
  • Free Sale Certificate
  • Certified “Halal” by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA)
  • Formulated by Renowned Organic Researcher
    Best functional organic foods are formulated by internationally reputable organic specialist who is actively involved in organic field especially organic food studies, concerning the organic farming and health caring.
  • Renowned Organic Food
    Organic food is proven through time. Product testimonials and market competitiveness is vital in selecting and determining a good functional organic food.