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Company Background


Our Vision

Transforming People’s Lives

Health | Beauty | Success | Happiness


Our Origin

In 2002, MELILEA’s Founder-Group Chairman, Datuk Dr Alan Wong and Executive President, Datin Dr Stella K.Y. Chin, led the team with simple and great belief - living an organic way of life and attaining health from inside-out; and through the promotion of caring for the earth and attaining a friendly environmental for the inner body, enabled everyone to transform and embrace a brand new successful life.

With this strong will and ‘Transforming People’s Lives’ as vision, MELILEA developed and grew rapidly, becoming the first corporation in the world to combine network marketing, franchising and distribution channels. Through customer relationship marketing and management, MELILEA strived to advocate and promote the health philosophy of organic lifestyle and “inner and outer beauty” concept that sets off a new force of transformation worldwide.

As a young multinational corporation, MELILEA INTERNATIONAL has crossed several continents and grown to be a corporation with strong foundation, enabling us to maintain a leading position in the health and organic industries worldwide. MELILEA has the highest quality products, a unique and complete operation, management and educational and training system and a marketing plan with fair reward system. All these are the foundations that enabled MELILEA to strive towards the goal of building a sustainable and perpetual business. We uphold our belief in cultivating a healthy, positive and zealous corporate environment with a business roadmap that offers everyone a transformation opportunity and achieve success in life.

MELILEA offers a fair and just business platform that everyone can engage in. Regardless of background, experiences, age or education qualifications, everyone embarks at the same point with equal business opportunity. Through ‘Transform yourself and at the same time, transforming others’, we will guide and mentor each and every one who wishes to pursue their dreams, achieve success and build an extraordinary life. At MELILEA, we offer an equal entrepreneurial opportunity that embodies success through diligence and hard work.