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St Ella Miracle Mask

Miracle Mask

Combining results that you can see in minutes with long lasting improvement in your skin condition.

St Ella’s breakthrough Miracle Mask gives you a luxurious and effective SPA treatment in the comfort of your home. The effectiveness of St Ella Miracle Mask comes from the unique combination of the special formulated essences with advanced bio-cellulose technology. Through extensive testing and research, we have created formulas that are highly effective without using any of the harsh chemicals.

The result is a mask that delivers improved smoothness and increased moisture and elasticity of the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and healthy.

St Ella Miracle Mask Advantages

  • Made from bio synthesized nano fiber with the unique characteristic of high water holding capacity, high softness and high degree of conformability.
  • Developed using a patented technology and the fiber size is only 80-100 nanometer, the thinnest fiber ever developed. The nano-sized fiber allows it to hold a large number of skin essences, thus allowing these rich essences to be absorbed into the skin effectively.
  • Another advantage of biocellulose is the natural, non-sticky way that St Ella Miracle Mask adhere to your face. It optimally clings on the curvy facial contour as a second skin and enhances the absorption of essences effectively.
  • St Ella Miracle Masks are easier to use and less messy than creams or cloth masks.  After removing the mask, you may massage the remaining essence into your skin. There is no need to wash your face.

Key Ingredient
All four masks contain Platinum Ginsenoside that combines nano platinum and ginsenoside (ginseng root extract) that help in skin revitalization.  Nano platinum, knowns for its super antioxidant properties, it helpts to fight against free radicals. Combining ginsenoside that refines the skin and helps counteract dryness, wrinkles and other age related skin problems, Platinum Ginsenoside is formulated to help improve the health, vitality and appearance of the skin.

A contoured, 20 minutes facial mask that slips on luxuriously to bring concentrated essence and hydrating benefits to the skin.

St Ella Ultimate Whitening Miracle Mask

  • Infused with Gigawhite and Alpha Arbutin that rapidly penetrates skin and helps fight age spots, uneven skin tone caused by aging and UV rays.
  • Specially developed to improve skin lightening and leave skin smooth and supple with a dewy fresh vibrance.
  • Recommended for all skin types, particularly complexions with noticeable dullness.

St Ella Intensive Hydrating Miracle Mask

  • Infused with Aquaxyl, Cellactor and Pentavitin to give skin the ultimate moisture balance and prevent skin from dehydration.
  • Blends into skin perfectly to improve skin surface, induce cell respiration and regenerate skin cell.
  • Skin is visually moisturized, soft and smooth.

St Ella Rejuvenating Lifting Miracle Mask

  • Contains Syn-Coll, Adenosine and Coenzyme Q10 that easily penetrates into the skin to give a lifting effect.
  • Helps to stimulate collagen to improve fine lines and elasticity, giving the skin a firmer and moisturized feeling.
  • Skin looks healthy and young, firmer and full of life.

St Ella Advance Anti-aging Miracle Mask

  • Developed with patented ingredients such as Sepitonic M3 and Pepha-Protect to benefit skin against harmful properties.
  • Supplies skin with nutrition to restore vitality and freshness.
  • Protects skin from UV light and free radicals that enhance premature aging.


Open pack and you’ll find three (3) layers in it. Remove the non-woven piece, place the mask on the face, and then remove the paper mask. Slightly adjust the mask on face, lie back and relax. Remove mask after 30 minutes.

Price: WM: RM185

EM: RM188