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Waistline Transformer

QiNERGY Functional Waistline Transformer
Support and protect your spine
Product Features:
  1. Double Supporter: Helps to support the spine.
  2. Comfortable Spandex: Helps to reduce skin irritation.
  3. Designed to Fit the Human Anatomy: Snug in front and loose at the back. Will not put undue pressure on the abdomen and chest.
  4. Specially-Designed Foam with Holes: Help to provide good ventilation. It also increases heat diffusion from the body.
  5. Patented Specially-Designed Foam: Helps to reduces pressure on the waist and back.
  6. With Double Waist Straps: Helps to provide a comfortable and perfect fit. Adjustable for personal preference of snugness.


Product Benefits:

  • Patented design for stress relief
  • Protects and supports waist and spine
  • Trims waistline, slims silhouette and helps restore figure




WM: RM320 EM: RM328