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Founder & President

Group Chairman

Datuk Dr Alan Wong  DMSM, Hon. Ph.D

As an aspiring Founder – Group Chairman of a multinational corporation, Datuk Dr. Alan Wong has more than 20 years of experience in corporate management with entrepreneurial successes in financial auditing and network marketing management. For many years, he has led MELILEA INTERNATIONAL to great heights and produced astonishing results. As a renowned educator for success businessmen and newly emerged entrepreneurs, he has single-handedly created and trained more than 200 entrepreneurial millionaires. Dubbed as the “Millionaires Super Mentor”, he has inspired and mentored countless entrepreneurs, enabling them to transform and realize their dreams.

Executive President

Datin Dr Stella K.Y. Chin   Hon. Ph.D

Datin Dr. Stella K.Y. Chin is a renowned International Entrepreneur Educator and Charitable Entrepreneur. She has over 20 years of experiences in multinational marketing and business management, human resource and operation management that have lead to entrepreneurial success. She is renowned outstanding Chinese Women Hua Kuang Award. She is also a highly recognized by the media industry as an idol and successful model of modern women. Apart from achieving outstanding career success. Datin Dr. Stella K.Y. Chin also cares for women and the socially less fortunate, making tremendous efforts and contributions for charitable causes. To raise self-awareness amongst women, she initiated the highly acclaimed Star Ladies Women’s 360° Happiness Seminar Series in 2009, she has been dubbed as the “Initiator for Transforming Lives” in the world.